As an exemplary educational institution, Udayan puts deep emphasize on the extra-curricular activities that would ensure the betterment of mental as well as physical aptitude of its students. The school publishes an annual magazine comprising English and Bengali articles, poems, fictions etc. written by the students and teachers. There is also a quarterly published by the school called "Udayan Bulletin". There is a debate club which has represented the school in various inter-school debate competitions and brought enormous recognition to the school. The school possesses passionate cricket and football teams which actively participate in the inter-school championships. Students also take part in the physics and math Olympiads and bring rapturous honors to the school. Udayan takes part in scout and girls guide activities and in serving distressed people in situations of flood or other natural calamity. The scout team has participated in many national and international scout jamborees.

1. Celebration of National Days

2. Annual Milad Mahfil

3. Annual Sports Competition

4. Annual science Fair

5. Cultural Competition

6. Art Competition

7. Debate Competion

8. General Knowledge Competition

9. Kerat,Hamd,Nath,Gajol Competition

10. Freshers reception

11. Girls Guide and Boys Scouts

12. Connecting class(English Language,Globalization and practices)

13. Olympiads


The Library has rich collection of books: both academics and non academics.The library can accommodate more than 100 students at a time. The library is operating on an extensive schedule from 7.00 am to 4.00 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

List of Clubs/Labs

Science Lab.

Eglish Club.

Sports Club.